Community Service - graffiti removal

Hawaii Chapter participated in the City’s Malama-o-Ka`aina program by painting out graffiti at the 16th Avenue Boulder Basin in Kaimuki on November 5, 2016. Program participants removed graffiti under the supervision of the City and County of Honolulu Department of Facility Maintenance’s Division of Road Maintenance. Photos indicate "before" and "after" conditions.

As its name implies, the primary function of a boulder basin is to trap boulders which would detach from natural hillsides outside of an urban boundary and tumble into developed areas either during a rainstorm or as a natural result of erosion. These basins are placed upstream of major drainage channel improvements to prevent damage to the infrastructure.  Boulders are retained by a boulder basin barrier, a concrete berm structure built into the basin invert, which is also provided with openings to allow the passage of water and small, non-damaging debris. 

Malama-o-Ka`aina is a partnership between the City & County of Honolulu and its citizens to care for our land and help keep our island community a quality place to live. Volunteers provide much needed support in this partnership, and Hawaii Chapter is proud to have made a difference in the community. 

Please check out our "Schedule of Activities" subtab for future community service projects.


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